Open Calls

Local 50 is committed to man every job possible with our signatory contractors within our jurisdiction. With the current influx of work in Central Ohio, Local 50 is looking to help man these jobs with traveling HFIAW members in good standing.

The Local 50 Open Call Board is designed to share pertinent information regarding work opportunities for travelers and non-union mechanical insulators looking to join Local 50.

Below you will find current open calls that are available to HFIAW members in good standing. Click on the job that interests you and learn more about the specifics of each job. If this job sounds like something you would be interested in traveling to Central Ohio to do, click on the link provided and fill out the form.

Thank you for your interest in coming to Central Ohio to work on these projects.

Are you a non-union worker interested in one of these jobs? Click the link below to become a Local 50 member.