Insulators Local 50 highlighted in climate change study

A recent Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report demonstrates the importance of union jobs in fighting climate change and showcased the work of Insulators Local 50. 

Titled “United: Union Jobs Improve the Clean Energy Economy,” the report showed how unions have been fundamental in bridging the transition to a clean energy economy, and this shift is largely possible because unions recruit and train workers for the shift to green energy construction. 

One of the featured projects in the report was the Groveport Madison School District project — specifically the work performed by members of Insulators Local 50. The district made energy efficiency a key priority of its new high school, thanks to educational efforts by members of the Local Union.  

At school board meetings, representatives from Local 50 emphasized the importance of quality Mechanical Insulation for energy efficiency and warned against using non-union contractors who might install inferior materials.

The Local also submitted an educational video with extensive supporting documents to remind school board members about the economic and environmental benefits of high-quality, properly installed Mechanical Insulation for heating and cooling pipes and systems. 

Local 50 members have earned a reputation for on-time, on-budget and high-quality work.

“Most people don’t think about the impact of insulation on climate change, but it is one of the most effective measures we can take to reduce carbon pollution,” said Insulators Local 50 Business Manager Dan Poteet.

“In addition to reducing the number of tons of emissions in the atmosphere, Mechanical Insulation is also vital to the health of buildings by preventing mold, slowing the spread of airborne disease and helping to stop fires. Insulation makes our buildings healthier, more efficient and comfortable, and is absolutely critical in fighting climate change,” Poteet added.

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