Local 50 Sucessfully Campaigns Groveport Schools to use Mechanical Insulation in Upcoming Construction

Since September 2014, Insulators Local 50 has been on a campaign to get the new Groveport High School construction to include mechanical insulation. The project just completed the bidding process. There were 3 Union contractors who submitted bids for the work. The Groveport board to awarded the bid to the Pedersen Insulation Company, one of Local 50’s Signatory Contractors.

The mechanical insulation campaign includes many marketing items, such as a video describing the benefits that mechanical insulation can bring to a school district and its buildings, as well as a comprehensive binder containing detailed information on mechanical insulation. The binder and supporting documentation were distributed to key decision makers during a presentation made at a design team meeting.

Local 50 was recently informed that mechanical insulation will be included in the construction project. Not only will the students, teachers and administrators be safer as a long term benefit of the mechanical insulation in the school, they will also be greener by receiving the increased energy saving that mechanical insulation affords. The contract has detailed that the Mechanical Insulation must be installed by workers that have completed a 4-year apprenticeship program. The knowledge, safety and expertise that the educated workers have will be beneficial to the installation of the mechanical insulation at Groveport.

All of the success with the Groveport School District has helped Local 50 to review and research other area schools. The Johnstown-Monroe school district, located northeast of Columbus, is another school district that will be looking at completing construction in the coming months. With phase one of the renovations on the Johnstown-Monroe High School recently completed; phase two work will include plumbing, sewer, electrical, HVAC and lighting. The project will total $4.8 million dollars and is currently on time and under budget.

The benefits of mechanical insulation can also be applied to the Johnstown-Monroe school district as they look to build a new elementary school. The elementary school was approved in February by the board for a $16.36 million budget, with the school forecasted to be open and functioning for the 2017-2018 school year.  With the mechanical insulation promotion marketing pieces, the video, reference documents and supporting material, already established, Local 50 will be pushing to ensure that the Johnstown-Monroe school district buildings be completed with the safety and benefits that come with mechanical insulation.

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