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Mechanical Insulator In Ohio

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Vision, Dental & Pension Plans!

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We’re Insulators Local 50

Our members specialize in commercial and industrial insulation while also handling fire-stopping and more. Our expertise allows us to install and repair systems in buildings that save energy, reduce greenhouse emissions and protect the safety of all inhabitants.

No Experience? No Problem!

No Gender Pay Gap for Union Insulators!

Now Is The Best Time for Women to
Enter The Construction Industry As Mechanical Insulators

Amazing career opportunities exist for women in the mechanical insulation industry.

At Insulators Local 50, we’re leading the way in fostering diversity and inclusion in Ohio’s construction trades. As a member, you’ll be part of a Central Ohio Local Union that values your unique skills and perspective.

There is such a demand for skilled mechanical insulators throughout Central and Western Ohio. Just look around; major commercial construction projects are everywhere in Columbus, Dayton and surrounding areas.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; TODAY is the best time for Ohio women to enter the construction industry as mechanical insulators!


Earn great pay while learning the trade. No experience is needed.

Get trained at little to no cost to you; you will join our registered apprenticeship program and learn everything you need to know about becoming a mechanical insulator from our team of experienced instructors.
And you will get to work immediately. You’ll earn great pay while learning the trade through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction.
ALL new members earn $19.78/hr with no experience!

THRIVE WITH better pay & benefits

New Members with NO Experience Earn

in total package wages & benefits

We advocate equal pay for all members; all women should receive fair compensation for hard work and dedication to their trade.
Enjoy Comprehensive Benefits:
  • Pensions & Annuities
  • Vision & Dental Coverage
  • Medical Insurance (not deducted from your paycheck) that’s the same cost for a family as an individual
  • Safe working conditions that put a priority on your safety
Unlock endless opportunities by advancing your skills through our ongoing training programs. When you learn more, you earn more!

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