Experienced Mechanical Insulators: Your Exclusive Opportunity

Join The International Union of Heat and Frost Insulators Local 50

As you heard on America’s Workforce Union Podcast, Local 50 members excel in commercial and industrial insulation and firestopping. Our expertise enables us to install and repair systems that save energy, reduce greenhouse emissions and prioritize safety.

As a listener of the America’s Workforce Union Podcast, you’ve probably already heard about the abundance of construction work in Columbus, Dayton and other parts of Central Ohio. 

Megaprojects like Intel, Honda/LG and numerous datacenters are all going union, and our signatory contractors are looking to expand their workforce to complete these projects and other work related to the growth across the region.  

Earn More for What You Know

Ohio Construction Needs Experienced Mechanical Insulators

Throughout Central and Western Ohio, there is a demand for skilled mechanical insulators. Just look around; major commercial construction projects are popping up everywhere.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. TODAY is your best time to unlock the true value of your experience working as a mechanical insulator.

The combination of our total wage package and the additional incentives some of these major projects will offer create a once-in-a-career opportunity to join Local 50 and create a better life for you and your family. 

If you are a non-union insulator working in Ohio, you probably aren’t earning what you’re truly worth!

Improve Your benefits and Increase Your Hourly Wages as a Local 50 member

Becoming an Insulators Local member can guarantee steady work for the next several years. Along with this great work comes real benefits for skilled mechanical insulators, including:

  • Fair wages that recognize your skills and experience
  • Pension and retirement benefits
  • Vision and dental insurance
  • Medical insurance (with no paycheck deduction!)
  • Medical insurance that’s the same cost for a family as an individual
  • Safe working conditions that put a priority on your safety
  • The opportunity to expand your skillset through free upgrade training. 

Experienced mechanical insulators currently earn $36.21/hour. Start earning more while doing the same type of work.

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